Android vs. iOS

Android vs iOS
Picking the right smartphone with the best operating system may be challenging. Deciding on a new smartphone either an android phone or an apple phone need not be a daunting task as this article compares/ explains the differences between the android OS and the apple iOS.

Apple phones are more costly than other smart phones available. The latest iPhone 7 costs about $770. On the other hand, android phones are less expensive. A lot of phone manufacturers produce android phones that are low cost and pocket friendly.

User Interface

Apple phones come with a modern stylish user interface that appeals to users. It is so easy to understand and can be customized to one’s choice. It also comes with amazing features.
Android phones on the other hand does not work like this. Every android phone manufacturer uses his own user interface and so the user interface on many android phones vary. Some of the interfaces are not attractive or appealing. Android’s interface is also not consistent as it is frequently updated.


iOS app store offers a unique platform for any developer to share the works. Its easier to use and many and many new apps are first featured in the app store before it ends up in play store.
Android play store leads with the highest percentage of free apps when compared to the iOS app store.

App store user experience
Play store and apple app store offers so many apps for users. It could be tasking to look through all of these just to find what you want. How does app store differ from play store in this category?
App store a lot of recommended apps that could appeal to an individual’s desire. Google play store does the same but the app store is leading with better features. The app store offers recommended new apps, showcase a host of expensive games and apps, and narrows down searches to your need. It also provides Apple Pay, a means for purchasing apps. More important is its fingerprint verification process that will help in paying and confirming downloads.

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