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Code To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks On Phone

Code To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks

Content: Code to transfer money from UBA to other banks on your Smartphone with no internet access

Why this question arises?

People are searching for online help on UBA transfer codes and how to transfer money from UBA bank to other banks. If you are searching for the same information, youve come to the right place. Using codes to transfer is more convenient and easier as it doesnt have to use internet access. Better still, you can do any transaction from your phone instantly.

Its been a while now since the United Bank of Africa stated supporting mobile transfer of funds via mobile device with the adoption of the USSD codes. This system of banking can work on any phone and it works without internet.

What i’ll be talking about

  • Why should I use USSD codes
  • How to transfer money from UBA to other banks
  • How to transfer money via the UBA mobile app
  • List of all UBA mobile banking codes and their uses

Why should I use USSD codes

The USSD code *919# will enable UBA bank customers perform multiple tasks like: opening UBA accounts, transfer funds to UBA and other banks, buy airtime, pay bills and access a mini statement. I know youre probably wondering, why should I give this a try? There are a lot of reasons to use this amazing system of banking.

First of all, I like the fact that it is fast, easy and convenient for use. Within just few minutes a transaction can be carried out.

Secondly, as opposed to the internet banking app, you do not need access to the internet to enjoy this.

Third, you dont have to worry about app and installation and checking to see if it supports your phone type. It works on all mobile devices.

It also allows a higher transaction limit of up to N1m per day with the UBA Secure Pass (formerly token)

Want to send money to any bank account in Nigeria? The USSD code has got you covered.

How to get started

  • Make sure your current phone number matches the phone number connected with your UBA bank account. This step is important for the process to even begin.
  • Go to your dialer and dial the appropriate USSD code for the transaction

How to transfer money from UBA to other banks

The steps to follow are simple and Im sure you can pull this off on your own by simply following the directions Ive written down below.

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Code to transfer money from UBA to other banks

  1.  All you have to do is dial *919#
  2. On the menu that pops up, type 5 which is the option to send money
  3.  Here you can select a preferred payment method: 
  • choose 1 if you want to use UBA account
  • choose 2 if you want to use UBA prepaid card


4. Follow the instructions thereafter to finish the transaction. If its successful, youll be notified.

Some could say, That process is too long. Isnt there a direct code for USSD code transfers? Yes, there is a code specifically used for that purpose.

  • For UBA to UBA transfers. Use the USSD code *919*3#. That could do the magic.
  • How about sending from your UBA account to a UBA prepaid card? That one is easy as well. Just dial *919*3#
  • When transferring from a UBA account to other bank accounts, use the USSD code *919*4#. A pop-up menu will be seen and you have to follow the instructions. Otherwise just dial *919*4*account number*amount# to do that directly.

Note that the phone number you are using for this transaction is the same phone number linked to your account number.

How to transfer money via the UBA mobile app

If by now you are probably thinking that the USSD code method isnt for you, or you are not currently
using the phone number linked to your account, or you wouldnt be able to go through with all that, Ill suggest you try out the alternative UBA mobile banking app.


How to Transfer money using the UBA Mobile App on your phone

This process is also easy but when compared with the USSD code system, its a little expensive as you would require the use of internet. But all the same, it also performs the same function and even more.

How to get started with transfer via mobile banking app

Step 1

You should have already downloaded the mobile banking app and if you havent, please do so on Google play store for android and the apple store for iOS.

Step 2

If you have your internet banking login details, login. If youve not registered you can do so from the app or register directly from any UBA bank nearby.

Step 3

Follow the process for funds transfer to other banks.

In summary


USSD code for a full range of services

For UBA to UBA transfers

send money to a UBA Prepaid Card

send money to a UBA Prepaid Card and to other banks

top up your airtime

*919*Phone number*Amount#
and third party top-up

That is the much i can say on the code to transfer money from UBA to other banks. If you like this article, please share on social media and drop a comment if it worked for you. Any thoughts or suggestions on this article please comment below.

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