How To Add YouTube Videos To Your Blog Post

You may have uploaded a video on youtube or watched a video there and you are probably  wondering how you could share it to your website so your web visitors can watch it too. All you have to do is to embed the YouTube video.

Sounds hard? Not one bit. As long as you follow this guide, you’ll be able to do just fine and you will start embedding YouTube videos in no time. In WordPress however, its more easier. All you have to do is get a link and just put it into your post. Sadly blogger does not work that way.

To embed YouTube videos, we will need to get the HTML embed code for the video that we will like to put on a blog post. Follow the steps below to get that done.

Step 1

Head on to YouTube and search for the video you wish to place. For  bloggers who use their mobile phone, go to YouTube desktop through your browser.

Step 2

Just down below the video, you will find other options. Click on share and a set of options would come up. Click on embed, select all and copy the code that comes up.

Step 3

Go to blogger and click on new post. On the edit post page, you will find two options at the top left corner, namely, compose and HTML. Click on HTML and paste the code. save it next and click compose again.
The video will appear and then its ready to be used. Using this method, viewers of the webpage can watch the YouTube video without going to YouTube.

Ready to try it out?

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