From contemporary to industrial to country doors, numerous possibilities are offered by shaker style doors. Shaker style doors come with pride, plainness and reflects a person’s taste. It is stable and harmonizes with the furniture or cabinetry and looks appealing.

Shaker style doors consists of a frame, panel or rail. This panel can be sectioned into mid rails or muntins. Picking the best quality of wood , craftsmen focus on creating a unique design. Oak and walnut gives a sleek look to an apartment.

Shaker style doors come in different style and designs. It could have some built in drawers or cabinets I.e when used in the kitchen and this will leave a clean, neat and orderly look in the kitchen. This cabinetry doors have a squared-off railing system with a beautiful bevelled finishing. These doors are so much popular today and most especially because it is small and still maximises space. The shaker style doors may start to contract or expand, depending on the type of wood used, but it does not affect the door’s strength. Painting it with a desired color will give it a nice finish. It might even be given a burnished finish which although may be complex, but its worth it.

Shaker style doors are durable and lasts long. Using a vinyl wrap which is a thermofoil, the durability is even increased. This thermo foil is used to laminate the door through some series of processes. Although the machine used for laminating cannot touch the corners and edges, paint could suffice. Using polyurethane finishes also improves the streaks, knots and gains of shaker style doors. It will also make it last longer too.

Before even considering getting a shaker style door, one need to look at the cost and known what to get or when to compromise. Shaker style doors are neither expensive nor cheap, it all depends on the kind of materials that was used. Some certain finishes are also are expensive than the others.

Features of most shaker style doors

– They have thick wood solid frames and a thick panel

– Construction is easy as it uses cope and stick method

– It is simple and charming in style

– It is pre-sanded , all a person has to do is paint or stain it

– it comes in varying wood species

Doors and beyond offers good and quality shaker style doors crafted from the best wood materials. These doors will stand the test of time as it is durable and aimed at simplicity. What’s more, shaker style doors are charming and elegant . These doors can be used as pocket doors, barn hardwares, swing doors and by-pass doors. It comes with clean lines, smooth edges and flat panels. These shaker style doors can go with any modern ,traditional or contemporary styled homes. Shaker style doors are available in oak, pine ,walnut, and lots more.  There are many sizes that shaker style doors come in and it could range from 3 and above. It is also available as fire doors. Its simplicity brings a modern finish to homes.

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