Make Money With Godaddy Affiliate Program – How to Signup

We all know how important affiliate marketing is when it comes to monetizing a website. Therefore, if you need extra cash for you site, why not join the GoDaddy affiliate program?

I am sure you must be familiar with Godaddy, one of the most famous marketers of domain name purchasing and web-hosting. You can make money online by signing up for the Godaddy affiliate program. So if you are wondering how to do just that, I’ll explain all you need to know in this simple guide.
Sequel to shutting down their managed affiliate program just years ago, GoDaddy came up with another method to allow individuals sign up for the GoDaddy affiliate program through Commission Junction and Vigilink. If you haven’t heard of those, don’t worry, I’ll explain how they fit in this guide.
I will also explain how you can use both marketplaces to sign up for the GoDaddy affiliate program and which is much easier to use. Don’t worry about the commissions, you could make money easily as GoDaddy offers exclusive deals to customers.

Did you know?
• Godaddy offers 15% commission on every sale you make!
• You can join the program no matter what your niche is.
• Unlike other similar affiliate programs, you get commissions on purchase of domain names
• You can use banners or links to promote the products/services

Getting Started with GoDaddy Affiliate Program

What can you promote on your blog?
You get to choose from a wide range of services they offer…like domain name purchase, SSL certificates, web hosting packages, wordpress hosting and so much more.
like I mentioned before, you can either choose to sign up for the program via vigilink or commission junction, so first you would need to get an account on those sites.

Signup For GoDaddy Affiliate Program On Vigilink

Viglink is a popular marketplace where you can choose to sign up for the Godaddy affiliate program. According to popular reviews, signing up for the referral program through this option is easier and saves time. You can visit the vigilink website and sign up. When your account has been set up, you should click on the merchants tab and look up ‘Godaddy’.
Once you find it, I’m sure you can find your way around and join the program.

Signup For GoDaddy Affiliate Program On Commision Junction

Commission junction is another option to use when signing up for the referral program. Popularly known as CJ affiliate, this marketplace is what you’ll need as an alternative to vigilink. With commission junction, it’s easier to track all your leads and conversions so you can get paid for your referrals.
In order to target the right audience for more leads, you would need to create a blog post on that topic. For example,
1. GoDaddy review
2. Start a blog today
3. How to buy domain a name from GoDaddy
4. Godaddy coupons and exclusive deals

And make sure your site has a nice layout…its important to attract potential referrals.
To join the program, follow these simple steps
-Visit the commission junction and create an account. Make sure to fill out all necessary details and complete the email verification step.
-Once your account is created, login and you would be directed to the dashboard.

-On your commission junction dashboard, search for GoDaddy on the search partner/advertisers tab and join the program. You would need to wait for approval after some days.
-Once everything is setup, you can add your bank details, Payoneer details or PayPal details in order to withdraw your earnings. The withdrawal threshold is $100.
Note that it is compulsory to add your tax information before withdrawal can be approved. You can do this by visiting the settings tab and then click on Administrative Settings. This is the way US residents can do this.
For residents of other countries, you should check the box for non-US residents and just fill in your payee name and signature before submitting the form.

Want to know how to get approval quickly?
It might take a few days to get approved for the referral program, but who wants to wait that long before making money?
You can choose to contact GoDaddy by sending them an email requesting to promote their products and services. Make sure to include your website and email address. You can get their contact email address by viewing “Advertisers details”. It is very possible to get a fast response rate to know if you are approved or if you are not eligible for the program.

If you liked this guide on how to sign up for GoDaddy affiliate program, please drop a comment. By the way, don’t leave without sharing this.

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