How to prepare garden egg stew the best way

Garden egg stew

If you are looking for the best stew or sauce for eating boiled yam, what you might just need is the garden egg stew. There are so many ways to prepare this special delicacy, one of which is using groundnut/vegetable oil to prepare it. If you value taste so much, using vegetable oil is a no-no especially when it’s been prepared for yam. Written below is a guide for you to make the perfect garden egg stew.

List of delicacies to try with the garden egg stew

  • Cooked plantains (doesn’t matter if its ripe or unripe)
    Cooked white yam
    Cooked rice (white rice specifically)
    Cooked sweet potatoes

How to cook garden egg stew

What you’ll need

A good blender. And if you don’t have that, you can always improvise. Yeah, I’m talking of a mortar and pestle…but that’s even more stressful.

Ingredients for preparing the garden egg stew

9 garden eggs (white or green)
1 cup palm oil
1 onion
Some Peppers (use your discretion)
2 pieces of fish (smoked fish preferable)
Locust beans(or stock cubes if not available)
Optional (crayfish)

Alternative ingredients for the garden egg stew

* Use baby garden eggs

For those using blenders, I’ll advice you to buy baby garden eggs. It’s the best option because the over mature ones have seeds that are too strong for the blender to crush. We don’t want to spoil that blender over a recipe, do we? And then again, it would be so much work for those who plan to pound with mortar.

* Use egg plants if garden eggs are not available

If you choose to use this, you don’t need to use as much as was required when using garden egg.

Best practices for the garden egg stew

* Make sure to use palm oil, it gives it a very delicious taste and yes, the color makes it even more appetizing. And bonus point, palm oil is healthy for you.

* If you choose to use vegetable oil, especially when preparing the stew for rice, make sure the oil tastes and smells nice. Don’t forget to use stock cubes instead of locust beans.

* Fresh fish works fine, but smoked fish gives it the most pleasant taste

* Wash the garden eggs well and blend or pound it to form a smooth paste. This is how to achieve that.

1. Cut it into small pieces, throw it into the blender and don’t forget to add little water so the blades of the blender can slice through very well. Keep blending till you get a smooth puree.

2. Cook the garden eggs well enough and check to see that it is soft enough. The garden egg has a water-proof skin so you should peel that off. When all that is done, pound until you get the smooth paste.

3. You can also try using a sieve to achieve this by cutting the garden eggs into smaller pieces, and pour in some water. Heat it up and cook until soft, so soft that it can be mashed when pressed it a spoon. When the water is all dried up, turn the content into a sieve and begin to mash it with a spoon.

* Before cooking, make sure that all ingredients are ready to be used. Grind your pepper, boil your fish, if it’s fresh, and then begin separating it into small portions. If you haven’t prepared the food that you want to use the garden egg stew for, do so.

Cooking Directions for the garden egg stew

* Pour the smooth garden egg paste into an empty pot and heat up until its liquid is dried up. Keep this aside. (Note: this process is applicable only to those who prepared the paste using the second method).

* Heat up the palm oil in a pot, not necessarily bleaching it.

* Stir fry the onions as soon as the oil is heated enough. Do this for 2 minutes or less. Add the garden egg paste and stir fry also. Close the pot with the lid and cook for a while then stir.

* Make sure to cook until all water is dried up, leaving the oil.

* Ad your stock cubes or locust beans, pepper, and salt to your taste.

* And lastly, don’t forget the fish, its important too. Cook for some time and yeah, it’s ready.

Please invite me to come and taste…lol. Read also How to prepare chin chin in just one hour

Don’t leave without sharing this recipe for garden egg stew.

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